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Welcome to room 13 A.K.A best class in the world! We have a big class room with 27 students in our class. We have a very musical class inspired by our teacher (Mrs Gribben.) We have a different teacher on Wednesdays & Thursdays (Mrs Ollerenshaw) She does P.E. & Art with us. We do this very fun homework called Current Events it involves a group of three. We have 10 questions which have happened in the previous week World-Wide. We start on Monday and mark on Friday. We do Ukulele as a class, we already know how to play C, F, G7 and AM. We've got a lot of tech. We have 3 purple mini ipads, 4 blue mini ipads, 4 normal sized ipads, 1 silver Mac books, 2 mini chrome books and 5 white Mac books. So that's that. by Dylan and Adam.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

The Race

The Race
It was an AWESOME day in Queenstown and this is why.
It was a really sunny day and me and my family were going to go on the luge. In no time we were on the gondola going up and in the middle of the ride it stopped. For some reason, and since we were moving quite fast when it stopped, it swayed back and forth. IT WAS FREAKY!. But soon it started again YAY!. Finally I’m out of that death trap….. ‘Woohoo’ that was the sound of me zooming down the luge. Me and my Dad were racing down leaving mum and Jess behind. “NO!” BANG. that was the sound of me losing control and me crashing and my dad zooming past and taking the lead. It really, really hurt but I hauled my kart back on the track and hopped in. I started gaining speed……. It was neck & neck between me and Dad. Never do what I did next. I went and banged into dad and he lost control and banged the corner barrier I passed him and went across the finish line. YES I WON!
But now my dad was furious and seeked revenge but that’s a different story….

By Dylan

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  1. hi Dylan it is angel here you did a grat story and hi miss g my now school is awesome and I miss you so much my sister is not and wakari school now because kobin left and me from angel brown