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Welcome to room 13 A.K.A best class in the world! We have a big class room with 27 students in our class. We have a very musical class inspired by our teacher (Mrs Gribben.) We have a different teacher on Wednesdays & Thursdays (Mrs Ollerenshaw) She does P.E. & Art with us. We do this very fun homework called Current Events it involves a group of three. We have 10 questions which have happened in the previous week World-Wide. We start on Monday and mark on Friday. We do Ukulele as a class, we already know how to play C, F, G7 and AM. We've got a lot of tech. We have 3 purple mini ipads, 4 blue mini ipads, 4 normal sized ipads, 1 silver Mac books, 2 mini chrome books and 5 white Mac books. So that's that. by Dylan and Adam.

Monday, July 4, 2016

The Bulldog Who Just Wanted To Be Famous.

The bulldog who just wanted to be famous is a fabulous book and that's not just me that says that but I have proof that many other people say that such as Roald Dahl, Margaret Mahy, J.K Rowling and David Walliams. Some of the words they use to describe this book will make you unable to resist reading this fictional story! A little spoiler alert but I'll go ahead anyway, the storyline of this book is Doggy-woggy (the main character) is bullied by three Dobermans and he struggles to find something else to do after he quit doggy school until...   
Please note that there is  very limited time to bag 1/30 published for $57.50 at Whitcoulls and The Warehouse. P.S. Many people say it's money well spent!! 

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